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    “Flowers Blossoming across the City--An Express Train Bound for Spring”

          With a theme of “Hearing Flowers Bloom”, the Flower City brand event of Guangzhou in 2018 is upgraded, which is filled with theme activities of flowers, foods, music and Pearl River. Recently, Guangzhou Forestry and Gardens Bureau has recommended 100 points for admiring the flowers. The flower admiring series activities of the spring will kick off soon.
          Among the 100 flowers admiring points, kapok trees and 150,000 Chinese redbud trees are in full bloom across the city. Cosmos of around 100,000 ㎡ in the city will also present seas of pink flowers. In addition, the flowers that will bloom soon also include lily magnolia, peach flowers, rape flowers, cherry flowers, golden bell tree and Mucuna birdwoodiana. This year dozens of flower admiring and cultural activities will be held on themes of Chinese redbud, cherry flower and Cosmos this year to further enrich the cultural significance of the flower city and enhance its reputation.
          At present 150,000 Chinese redbud trees are in full bloom, distributed in 27 points across the city, including Renmin North Road, Haizhu Lake, South China Agricultural University and the Biological Island, all of which are the points for admiring the most beautiful flowers and scenery.
          It’s said that Guangzhou will hold a Sound of Spring Grassland Concert in the final third of March in the background of tens of thousands of Chinese redbud trees and Cosmos sea in the college town, so that the audience can enjoy the happiness and enthusiasm from flowers and music.
          The related principal with the Publicity Department of the Party Committee of Guangzhou said, through the participation of citizens, and the exchange and dissemination of Chinese and foreign media, the image of the Flower City has become spread across the world this year. This year, it will continue to enhance the benefits to people and international influence of the brand of the Flower City.
          The “Hearing Flowers Bloom” brand event of the Flower City will be further upgraded. This year, highly identifiable brand elements like “flowers, foods, music, Pearl River” will be infused into all kinds of theme activities.