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    Special Theme Activities for Flower Market during Spring Festival in Guangzhou 2018

    From February 13 (the twenty-eighth day of December of lunar year) to March 2 (the fifteenth day of the first month oflunar year), apart from Spring Flower Market, Yuexiu Flower Lantern Festival,Lychee Bay Chung Water Flower Market and Guangfu Temple Fair, Guangzhou willupgrade its series of activities of “New Year Celebration in Guangzhou, FlowerAppreciation in Flower City” this year andintroduce float parade, lightconcert, fashion flower market and other special theme activities.

     2018 Spring Float Parade 

    The floats will put on the show around Tianhe Sports Center with seasonal flowers as main decoration on the floats, presenting thefull bloom visual feast in Flower City during Spring Festival. Float exhibition is located at Tianhe Sports Center.


     Flower City Square Light Concert 

    The event willsetspring auspicious trees, logo flower beds,tree of light and peach blossom forest post office inSouth Square of Flower City Square with Guangzhou Tower as the center, thePearl River and the new central axis nightsightas the background, combining with live music ofFlowerCity Squareto present large-scale city lighting performancesand create festival visual feast.


     International tourism celebrities enjoy their joyfultrip in Guangzhou 

    Through the overseas promotion center set up in Guangzhou, a number ofinternational leaders in tourism from 10 cities including New York, Los Angeles, Sydney, Auckland, Vancouver, Paris,Moscow, Dubai, Nairobi and Mexico City are invited to Guangzhou for the ”Chinese New Yearto advertise Guangzhou tothe world.

    2018 Haixinsha Fashion Flower Market

    The venue takesFlower as the main designelement, taking“Scienceand Technology”, “Leisure”, “Tea Art”, “Floral Art” and “Books” as the theme and combining the traditionalChinese Spring Festival to let visitors enjoy a leisure space with urban life and Spring Festival culture and experiencea different charming life.