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    Flower Appreciation in Flower City, New Year Celebration in Guangzhou

    Souvenirs in Guangzhou for Chinese New Year

    What to buy?

    1.     Cantonesecured food: Chinese sausage, preserved meat, etc.

    2.     Cantonesecake: Chicken pie, sweetheart cake, walnut cookie, etc.

    3.     Guangzhoucrafts: Tooth carving, jade carving, wood carving, Canton enamel , Cantonembroidery, etc.


    4.     Guangzhounative specialties: Horseshoe products, herbal jelly, etc.

    5.     Cantonesecandy: Preserved fruit, throat lozenges, etc.

    Where to buy?


    Yide Road Business Circle

    Main Goods forChinese New Year: Seafood drygoods, decorative supplies

    Traffic Guide: Haizhu Square Station of Metro Line 2; Exit A of Yide Road Station ofMetro Line 6


    With products full of Chinese New Yearflavor such as lanterns, Chinese knots, couplets, New Year pictures, superiorseafood soup ingredients, abalone, dried scallops, oyster sauce, sea cucumber,dried fish, scallops and fish maw, Yide Road is filled with a festive ChineseNew Year flavor.


    Shangxiajiu No. 10 Fu Road BusinessCircle

    Main goods for Chinese New Year: Canton goods for Chinese New Year

    Traffic Guide: ExitA ofChangshou Road Station in Metro Line 1 

    No. 10 Fu Road of LiwanDistrict brings together a large number of century-old shops, such as Guangzhou Restaurant, Lianxiang House, Huangshanghuang,Taotao Ju and so on. Lee Koufu red cans cookies, chicken pie, abalone crisp,dried pork and the most traditional Cantonese sausage “Qiu Zhi Feng” are themost authentic “OldGuangzhou taste.”


    Huangsha Aquatic Products Trading Market

    Main goods forChinese New Year: Fresh seafoodfreshwater fishes

    Traffic Guide: Huangsha Exit D of Metro Line 1

    Fresh seafood is the most favorite Chinese New Year flavor of Guangzhoupeople, and there are more than 200 fresh and saltwater aquatic products allover the world.


    Railway station, Liuhua Business Circles

    Main goods forChinese New Year: clothing shoes andsocks

    Traffic Guide: Exit G of GuangzhouMetro Station


    Wearing new clothes to enjoy theChinese New Year is a local custom in China. Clothing and footwear here are notonly nearly half cheaper than that in the supermarkets with many popularstyles.


    Fangcun Guangzhou Lingnan flower wholesale market is prestigious, where we can find flowers, birds, fish,and also landscaping supplies, covering a full range. The New Year oranges andflowers are products that Guangzhou citizens will surely buy for every ChineseNew Year.