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    Guangzhou Urban Brand Strategy Planning of Flower City

    To deepen the research on the cultural brand “Flower City”, a joint research group is set up by the Publicity Department of the Party Committee of Guangzhou...


    “Flowers Blossoming across the City--An Express Train Bound for Spring”

    With a theme of “Hearing Flowers Bloom”, the Flower City brand event of Guangzhou in 2018 is upgraded, which is filled with theme activities of flowers, foods, music and Pearl River. Recently, Guangzhou Forestry and Gardens Bureau has recommended 100 points for admiring the flowers. The flower admiring series activities of the spring will kick off soon...


    Special Theme Activities for Flower Market during Spring Festival in Guangzhou 2018

    From February 13 (the twenty-eighth day of December of lunar year) to March 2 (the fifteenth day of the first month of lunar year), apart from Spring Flower Market, Yuexiu Flower Lantern Festival, Lychee Bay Chung Water Flower Mark...


    Flower Appreciation in Flower City, New Year Celebration in Guangzhou

    With products full of Chinese New Year flavor such as lanterns, Chinese knots, couplets, New Year pictures, superior seafood soup ingredients, abalone, dried scallops, oyster sauce, sea cucumber, dried fish, scallops and fish maw, Y...


    The 7th Folk Cultural Festival of “Lychee Bay · New Xiguan”

    The 7 th Folk Cultural Festival of “Lychee Bay · New Xiguan” will be held from 1 st October to 3 rd October in Lychee Bay scenic spot. The activities include dragon and lion dance, performance of cucurbit flute and Cantonese Opera, lantern riddl...


    The 7th Cultural Festival of Fire Dragon Dance of Baiyun District, Guangzhou

    The 7th Cultural Festival of Fire Dragon Dance of Baiyun District, Guangzhou is launched on 29th September 2017 in Pinghe Daya Square (平和大押广场) in Baiyun District and will last from 29th September to 4th October. The Activities include a w...


    During the Mid-Autumn Festival,many parks in Guangzhou would hold traditional lantern fairs

    Lantern fair is an ancient Han Chinese custom, and the Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the three main lantern festivals in China. During this period, many parks in Guangzhou would hold traditional lantern fairs to display lanterns and riddles. Festive...


    2017 Guangzhou Art Festival presents a theater feast

    From July 8 to September 10, the 2017 Guangzhou Art Festival is being held in the Guangzhou Opera House and several other theaters around Guangzhou. Established in 2011, Guangzhou Art Festival is welcoming its 7th edition this year, themed on “thea...


    Bo Luo Dan Temple Fair

    Bo Luo Dan organized by the Immortal Temple of South Sea, falls on the thirteenth day of February in Chinese calendar. Attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, it is the only temple fair celebrating the birthday of the Good of Sout...


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